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What is it?
Eyebrow lamination is a brand-new service that’s quickly gaining popularity, dubbed “the new microblading!” In a quick 30-minute appointment, we’ll lift and lock your brow hairs into a perfectly brushed-up position, creating a fuller, fluffier look that lasts up to 12 weeks. This eliminates the need for clear brow gel and creates a model-esque look that’s always fresh and always polished.

Who is it for?
Anyone with a moderate-heavy amount of natural hair, that’s interested in a fuller, fluffier look with no commitment and very minimal maintenance.

Are there any contraindication to brow lamination?
Thioglycolate allergy, sodium bromate allergy, little to no natural brow hair, within 1st trimester of pregnancy, active or recent eye infections such as conjunctivitis or impetigo, skin disorders affecting the brow area such as psoriasis or eczema, skin disease or trauma affecting the brow area, current or recent chemotherapy treatments (doctors note required in either case), a positive reaction to a patch test, permanent brow makeup within the last 3 weeks, and brow henna within the lasts 6 weeks.

How is it done?
After cleansing the skin and applying a barrier gel around the brow hair, a softening solution is applied to the hair to relax its natural direction. After a few minutes, the softening solution is replaced with a setting solution, and the brow hair is combed into the desired position/direction. A few minutes of setting, and you’re ready to go! The entire process takes no more than 20 minutes. Our Brow lamination products for brow lamination, which we’re proud to say are paraben-free, formaldehyde-free, latex-free, and not tested on animals. This product is also classified as gluten-free, but clients with gluten allergies should request a patch test prior to booking.

Do I need a patch test?
If you’d like to have a patch test done 48h+ in advance, please reach out to us directly to schedule this prior to scheduling your brow lamination appointment. Most clients choose to skip the patch test. There will be a portion on your consent form asking if you came in for a patch test, or if you’re choosing to have the service done without one.

Will I look normal after?
Absolutely! You may experience some redness of the skin or mild sensitivity, but it does not typically last more than a few hours.

How do I prepare?
Please arrive with NO MAKEUP ON above the lash-line.

How do I care for my laminated brows afterwards?
First 24 hours: No hot water, steam, shampoos, makeup or skincare products within 1”! First 48 hours: Do not use makeup remover or oils within 1”. Comb/brush your brow hairs into place as needed. If redness or irritation worsens over the course of 24 hours, please contact your doctor about a potential reaction to the product, and then contact your artist to make them aware. Note that applying brow tint within 6 weeks may result in a very dark color and/or damaged brow hair; this is not recommended. After that first 48 hours, apply coconut oil to the brows two nights per week and leave it on overnight. This will help to re-hydrate the hair. Do not have permanent makeup done while your hair is still lifted, as your artist must be able to see the natural direction of the hair. Do not apply henna to the brows for at least 6 weeks.

How frequently do I need to have them done?
You should expect your brows to lose their lift in 6-12 weeks. This highly depends on where your brow hairs are at in their shedding cycles at the time of lamination. Therefore, you may experience a longer lift from one session, and a shorter lift from the next, vice versa. It is not recommended to have your brows re-laminated sooner than 4 weeks.

Pregnancy (after 1st trimester), breastfeeding, taking the pill, and HRT are not contraindications to having brow lamination done, but the hormonal changes happening in the body may lead to a weaker lift. We don’t recommend having lamination products applied for the first time if you are pregnant or nursing, as you would not be able to take an antihistamine if a reaction does occur. Brow growth serums can result in a messy look as the brows are growing out. Allergies to lash extension adhesive should not overlap with brow lamination; the active ingredient in lash adhesive is not found in the products we use for this. Medications always have the potential to make brow lamination ineffective or make the hair overly delicate.

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